Juro Kim Feliz Announces GKBoy and Partnership with Yuna Kim

Juro Kim Feliz Announces GKBoy and Partnership with Yuna Kim

KHN Alumnx (2019) Juro Kim Feliz, composer, announced the debut single of his musical creation/project, Grumpy Kitty Boy (GKBoy), "Airplane Wings," has debuted, and the release is now available via Bandcamp as well as other digital streaming platforms. Juro also announced he and fellow KHN Alumnx (2019) Yuna Kim, visual artist, have formed a collaborative partnership for GKBoy. Yuna created cover art, and art/illustrations for the release, and plans are in the works for an animated lyric video for the single. Juro and Yuna are working on merchandise and other extras to accompany another single release later this year, and for the official EP release slated for January 2021. Juro and Yuna met during their KHN residencies in August last year. 

Juro mentioned that his KHN residency was very instrumental in making this possible. "Airplane wings fly to Nebraska. Words emerge out of endless blue skies. Paws touch solid ground as miles stretch across cornfields. Melodies and piano strings finally fill in the grumpy silences. An artist residency at the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts gave birth to this song⁠—now released as a Grumpy Kitty Boy debut single! Big thanks to Holly McAdams Olson and Sara Ammon for an inspiring time there!" Juro said he wrote this song on the way to his KHN residency, starting with the lyrics during his travel to Nebraska via plane, and the music followed, written while he was at KHN. 

GKBoy "Airplane Wings," by Juro Kim Feliz, was mixed by Rojh Baquiran, master work by Sebastián Gómez Mancheno, art and character design by Yuna Kim. The livestream release is still available on GKBoy's Facebook page (see link), from the online release party on June 26. The link to the song on Bandcamp is below.

Hailing from the Philippines, Toronto-based composer Juro Kim Feliz has collaborated with artists including the Thin Edge New Music Collective, ensemble x.y, and Liminar, garnering performances of his works in Southeast Asia, Israel, Greece, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia,  the United Kingdom, Mexico, Canada and the United States. Pursuing studies in the University of the Philippines and McGill University under the supervision of Jonas Baes and Melissa Hui, he also sought mentorship with composers Liza Lim, Dieter Mack, Linda Catlin Smith, and the Japanese koto performer Hiroko Nagai. Since receiving the Goethe South East Asian Young Composer Award in 2009, he appeared in several festival programs including the Yogyakarta Contemporary Music Festivals, Asian Composers League festivals, Music Biennale Zagreb, New Music on the Bayou, MATA Festival, Nief-Norf Summer Festival, and the MUSLAB Festival. His percussion duo work Gandingan sa Kagiliran is released in the album “Millennial Masters, Vol. 7” under Ablaze Records. Besides activities involving composition, Feliz also engaged in community radio as a producer and co-host of Sigaw ng Bayan Montreal at CKUT 90.3 FM (2015-2017). As a library resident artist of the Canadian Music Centre Ontario (2018-2019), he produced a  blog/podcast series named Nomadic Sound Worlds which explores and situates Canadian contemporary music within present-day global migration.

Yuna Kim is an artist working in various media. Her work examines how personal confession is ever-evolving in the public sphere, and how culture and environment intersect as we construct our ideas and conceptions of self. Born and raised in South Korea, she graduated from Hong-Ik University with a BFA in Printmaking and a BA in Art Theory. She received her MFA in Print Media from Cranbrook Academy of Art. Currently, she is residing and working in Phoenix, Arizona. Her work has exhibited regionally and nationally across the United States and internationally at venues such as the International Biennale of Engraving of Sarcelles, France; the Chang Ucchin Museum of Art, South Korea and several others.

Check out the link to the recording from GKBoy's premier release party, as well as learn more about Juro and Yuna on their websites, below.

Congratulations, Juro and Yuna/GKBoy!