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David Hoon Kim announces publication of "Crow the aesthète"
KHN Center for the Arts | January 29, 2020
KHN Alum (2011) David Hoon Kim has announced that his short story, "Crow the aesthète", was just published in Ninth Letter. "Crow the aesthète" is in the Fall/Winter 2019/2020 issue of the literary...
Theodore (Ted) Wheeler awarded 2020 NEA Creative Writing Fellowship, publishes In Our Other Lives
KHN Center for the Arts | January 29, 2020
KHN Alum (2010) Theodore Wheeler (Ted) has been awarded a 2020 NEA Creative Writing Fellowship (see press release below), and his third book, In Our Other Lives, will be published by Little A in early...
WORK/STUDY - Kelli Rae Adams
KHN Center for the Arts | January 29, 2020
KHN Alum (2019) Kelli Rae Adams has announced her exhibition, WORK/STUDY, is on display at The University of Central Missouri (UCM)'s Gallery of Art and Design. Some works in this exhibition were...
New Year, New Traditions
Kimmel Orchard | January 13, 2020
NEW YEAR, NEW TRADITIONS AT KIMMEL ORCHARD Education - Wholesome Family Experience - Historic Preservation This orchard was established in 1925 and still continues the same old traditions today. We...
What's Available in Store?
Kimmel Orchard | November 7, 2019
Our U-Pick Barn is currently closed for the 2019 season, but that doesn't mean we do not have apples! We have a wide variety of fresh hand picked apples still available in our Apple Barn. See the...
No Peach Crop
Kimmel Orchard | July 29, 2019
Unfortunately, we will not have a peach crop this year due to the harsh winter and freezing cold temperatures. We are holding hopes high for 2020! Sorry for any inconvenience.
So, What's Happening in the Orchard?- May 2019
Kimmel Orchard | May 5, 2019
Here we are in May and we have flowers on the trees. What a beautiful sight to see the white and pink blossoms covering the trees throughout the orchard. This is almost perfect timing for the blossoms...
What’s Happening in the Orchard? – April 2019
Kimmel Orchard | April 12, 2019
April is here and it finally looks like spring might be here to stay. I am sure there will be a few weather glitches along the way, but we will take them over the 12 plus inches of snow we still had...
What’s Happening In The Orchard? – March 2019
Kimmel Orchard | March 26, 2019
It is officially Spring 2019. It seems like it has been very slow coming but, this may be the closest to normal that we have seen in a few years. Two years ago, the whole orchard was in bloom at this...
What’s Happening In The Orchard? – February 2019
Kimmel Orchard | February 18, 2019
Here we are, February 2019, and we have already had almost 30 inches of snow at Kimmel Orchard and Vineyard. Of those 30 inches, 23 inches came in 2 snow events just a few days apart changing the...
My Garden
Kimmel Orchard | August 21, 2018
So, What’s Happening in The Orchard? Wow! It is already August and apple season is just around the corner. But, before Kimmel Orchard can really start to think about picking apples, we need to harvest...
So, What’s Happening In The Orchard? – July 2018
Kimmel Orchard | July 23, 2018
July in the orchard is a busy time of year. Even though it tends to be hot and dry during July everything continues to grow. If we are lucky enough to catch a rain, then everything really grows well...
KHN Resident Amina Gautier PhD wins PEN/Malamud Award
KHN Center for the Arts | May 9, 2018
KHN resident writer Amina Gautier PhD has won the prestigious PEN/Malumud award. A excerpt from May 9, 2018 press release: "Washington, DC—Joan Silber and Amina Gautier have been selected to receive...